I made my own pattern: Grey Window Pane Pants

I worked at Lane Bryant for many, many years so I have a lot of their clothes that were really made to last. Every winter they used to sell 4 or 5 colors of ponte knit pants that fit so amazingly! I am down to my last pair and I decided I would try to recreate them by making a pattern from them without taking them apart. They are a really simple shaped pant with a thick elastic waist band that doesn’t look frumpy! Sadly, they do not have pockets, but I think I can fix that!

lb ponte knits


So first I traced the pants on both sides with a front leg and a back leg.


Then I marked where the darts in the back were located. I added alittle bit to the width of the waist to account for the darts in the ready made pants. I added  a 5/8 inch seam allowance all the way around.


I paper clipped the bottom of the legs together so I could see how the waist would come together.


Then at the top I made sure the hips matched up. Right where the pink clip is holding the front piece to the back piece is where the hips will be.


So here is the back with the darts in it! They look like pants!


I added a 6″ waistband, folded in half so it would be 3″ tall minus the seam allowances.


I really tried to make sure there would not be a lot of scrunching in the waistband by fitting the waistband and the waist elastic.


Then I used a twin needle to hem the legs.


I decided to take the welt pocket from my Made with Moxie Prefontaine Shorts and added one to the back. I thought side pockets would make the hips a little too bulky.


Here’s what it looks like from the outside.


And here they are! I may still take the legs in a little bit around the thighs.


I actually tried to pattern match this time. It looks okay from the front and back, but the sides are not quite there. I’m not sure what you do about that because the front and the back look pretty good!

pants collage

10 thoughts on “I made my own pattern: Grey Window Pane Pants

  1. idaaidasewing says:

    well done in making this pattern and the matching, when I made my galleria culottes i payed more attention in matching the side seams and the front, the back didn’t match perfectly though, I don’t know if it possible to match everything, maybe it depends also in the pattern !

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