The Retro “Boogie” Shirt

Someone posted the link to the Retro “Boogie” Shirt on Makerist in the Curvy Sewing Collective Facebook Group and it looked so flattering that I decided I had to give it a try myself! The pattern itself was only $3 US and it came together in about a day. This shirt is so cute that I am sure you will be seeing more of these from me!

For the first time in quite a while I took pictures of every step. Partially for blogging and partially so that I could look at them later when I want to make this again. The photos in the instructions were somewhat difficult to see, I believe the pattern pieces were missing some crucial notches, and some instructions were lost in translation from German to English. But if I can figure it out I am sure you can too!


Facings are at the top and from left to right are the sleeves, front, and back. The back piece has the long tabs at the top that will come over your shoulders. Oh, and I also added about an inch to the length of the front and back.


First you fold the front in half and sew a straight line down the that dip in the center of top, on the bottom left of the photo. Then cut open the seam and press that seam allowance open. This will be where you attach the elastic and create the “boob scrunch.” (That is a technical term…)


Set the elastic in place with a few stitches then you pull on the elastic while sewing a zig-zag stitch up the elastic. There is a real instant gratification to this! I also had to do this twice because the first time the boob scrunch was sort of off-kilter!


From the back. The extra elastic can be trimmed but it will also just tuck under the facing if you wait.


From the front.


Time for the facings to be folded in half. I wish I had used a thinner fabric for the facings. This is a pretty thick knit so it made the neckline a little bulky.


Pinned raw edges to the back piece neckline and sewed. The flipped it back and used a twin needle to stitch it down.


Here is where I thought there should be some notches and additional instruction.


First you gather the tops of the should tabs on the back piece. Then you put the front and back piece right sides together. The instructions do not tell you where to place the shoulder tabs. At all. So I placed them on the inside those two curves, that I assumed, would become part of the arm holes.


Now I always add a little extra length to my facings, just in case, and I am glad I did it this time. I took the facing all the way out to the edges of the shoulder tabs. I was not sure how to finish the loose ends of the facing if they stopped right inside the neck opening. Also, there were no instructions about that.


Really, you could finish the arm holes now and have a pretty cute tank top!


I attached 3/4 sleeves instead. The instructions recommend the layout method and since the are hole is not equal on both sides of the garment I thought it would be easier.


Then I sewed up the sides with a zig-zag stitch and finished the hem and sleeves with a twin needle.


And here it is in all it’s retro glory! The hem isn’t really uneven, I just pulled it down too far on one side. The only changes I will be making to this pattern is to bring in the shoulder tabs where they connect to the sweetheart front. Other than that I think it was pretty doable and the result is really fun!



13 thoughts on “The Retro “Boogie” Shirt

  1. seamstressmiona says:

    This looks great, and I love the extra instructions. I’m working on cutting the pattern and would love to know how you find the fit. I technically fit a staight 46, but I’m wondering if I should do an FBA and grade up at the hips (DDD cups and spoon/hourglass type shape).

    • SomedaySewing says:

      Oops, sorry for the delay! I used a 40% stretch knit and I think I graded up a bit. I’m usually a US 20-22 on top. I am an apple. I don’t know if that helps. I would think this is pretty forgiving it you just wanted to grade up and nip in the waist a bit.

      • seamstressmiona says:

        Thanks for the tip, I’ll keep it in mind when I make mine. Hopefully it’ll turn out as nice as yours.

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