Fabric Shopping Suggestions?

Hi Friends,

I have big news! Ian and I have decided to honeymoon in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dublin. I spent a semester in Glasgow and London and I loved my time in both places. Ian has never been overseas and I am so excited to see him explore all these cities!

GSA 2006

I attended the Glasgow School of Art in 2006. I wish I had taken more pictures, alas it made me feel uncool at the time. The buildings, especially the sculpture studios, were utterly fabulous. My print-making room mate had a studio in an old children’s hospital operating theater with a huge glass ceiling.

2006 Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle in 2006. I also had super short, Peter Pan hair at the time. I think my theory was, if I cut it short enough then I wouldn’t have to get a hair cut for the whole semester.

In London I am dying to see the “Diana: Her Fashion Story” exhibition at Kensington Palace! (I’m not sure Ian will be nearly as thrilled about it.)


Princess Diana’s “Elvis” Dress.

I would also like to purchase some fabric souvenirs. If anyone has fabric shopping suggestions (or really any visiting suggestions) for London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, or Dublin, I would love to hear them! Thanks!



8 thoughts on “Fabric Shopping Suggestions?

  1. Genevieve says:

    No suggestions but a huge congratulations for your up coming nuptials♥. I do hope other readers offer up some places to curate some unique and special pieces. I pray that your marriage is blessed.

  2. catherinedaze says:


    Mandors in Glasgow was well worth a visit a few years ago. I think there’s an Edinburgh branch too. Lovely wools.

    But I’m based down south so more familiar with London. Berwick Street in Soho is packed with high end fabric shops so very expensive, but lovely for a special treat. Misan (the branch nearest Oxford street; there are several on Berwick St) has a sale room which is good value.

    Goldhawk Road in London is well worth a visit: another street packed with fabric shops. Less high end than Berwick St but the sheer range can be overwhelming. Some of the shops only take cash (although that’s getting rarer) and some expect you to haggle. Best tackled with a good idea of what you want to buy.

    Liberty is not worth it for fabric: very pricey. Fun for window shopping for other stuff though.

    Have a great time!

    Don’t miss the Victoria and Albert museum: a must for anyone with an interest in sewing.

    • SomedaySewing says:

      Sadly, I live an area devoid of fabric stores. There is one local 100+ year old quilting store which I try to support by purchasing non-fabric items and then Joann’s. It has kind of become a new thing to see what fabric stores I can find on vacation. :)

  3. Lisa @sew_what73 says:

    Hi congratulations on your forthcoming wedding. I went to the Princess Diana exhibition and I enjoyed it but it is not huge – just a warning. Liberty is a fabulous shop, not just for the fabric which is very expensive. Cloth House on Berwick Street is my favourite. Dublin is one of my favourite cities and Avoca is a beautiful shop with nice cafe. I lived in Ireland in my pre-sewing days so not sure what the choice is like but you will have a great time there I have no doubt. Best wishes.

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